At Gaia Global, we focus on technology innovations for impact – in the broadest sense!

We define technology as it is defined in a dictionary – the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry.

At Gaia Global, we do not conflate “technology” exclusively with Information Technology (IT) or software. In fact, Gaia Global doesn’t see technology as exclusively digital. Current society forgets that some of the greatest technological innovations were things like the wheel and the printing press – essential components of our daily lives for centuries!

We take a broad view of technology – systems, where an input is transformed through a process into an output. Gaia seeks to invest in innovation within inputs, processes, outputs, or systems holistically.

On ESG, we look for fundamental alignment with the concept of sound environmental, social, and governance policies. We expect inherent considerations across:

There should be no need to sacrifice either sustainability or profit – in fact, we look for companies that believe that one leads to the other, that both enhance the other.

Additionally, we look for a healthy balance between innovation and execution – can a team dream big, seek to solve societal problems, and develop unique solutions while not trying to boil the proverbial ocean. The companies Gaia invests in have the ability to build the proper milestones, products/services, and revenue streams early and along the path to their larger missions and goals.

We love shooting for the moon – but in the early-stage, it’s just as important to be able to identify, prioritize, and achieve smaller steps on the path to the moon. Our portfolio companies appreciate getting an idea off the ground in an efficient way – allowing them to refine the product and market fit from their learnings. This “steppingstone” process provides them the ability to consistently de-risk and execute their business plans. We all want to survive the trip to the moon after all!

Olivia Hipkins, CFA

Managing Partner

Olivia Hipkins is the Managing Partner of Gaia Global Ventures and the Founder of Green Atlas Consulting. She works across the real asset markets to integrate sustainability in capital allocation, empowering executive teams to see sustainability as an opportunity for positive returns. She previously held positions at Qenta (f.k.a. Emergent Technology & Payments), 17 Asset Management, Castlelake, International Finance Corporation (part of the World Bank Group), and PIMCO. She is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), a LEED Green Associate, and a SASB FSA certificate holder, and serves on the Board of Directors of Locoal Charcoal Company, Earth First Food Ventures, and PAGUS: Africa.

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